Lakemont Youth Ministry

We celebrate Isa 43:1-4 and live out Col 1:28

In Isaiah 43:1-4 we find our message: the Lord declares "you are mine" and we want our youth to know that they belong to the eternal, all powerful, and redeeming God. We hope our youth learn to live in light of God's redeeming work.

In Colossians 1:28 we find our model: we proclaim Christ in order to present every youth mature in Christ. In all that we do we are proclaiming Christ for the purpose of our youth maturing in Christ.

Winter/Spring 2021 Schedule

All Winter/Spring 2021 youth events will be held at the Villarreal's from 7-8:20

Jan 13 - High School LYM

Jan 20- Middle School LYM

Jan 29 - LYM Fun Night at North Augusta Rec Center

Feb 3 - High School LYM

Feb 10 - Middle school LYM

Feb 17 - LYM For All

Feb 26 - LYM Fun Night

Mar 3 - High School LYM

Mar 10 - Middle School LYM

Mar 17 - LYM For All

Mar 26 - LYM Fun Night

Apr 14 - High School LYM

Apr 21 - Middle School LYM

Apr 30 - LYM Fun Night

This winter our youth will learn about how God saves us. We will be studying justification - I know that's a big word but hopefully by the end of the semester it will be something that our youth understand and appreciate.

This world is filled with false ideas about what makes a person happy and most of those ideas are targeted towards teenagers. This is why it is so important that our youth know what God has done for them and the peace and hope this fosters.

In everything, we look forward to teaching the youth the wonder of redemption (Isa 43:1-3) and calling them to maturity in Christ (Col 1:28).

Our youth are always welcome to invite their friends and if you want to check our youth group out to are welcome as well. We have fun together and make it easy for new-comers to fit right in.

The Mission of LYM
Proclaiming Christ - Maturing In Christ

We proclaim Christ first and last to our youth. We want our youth to be confident that Christ is able to save and that He is worthy of their love and obedience.
We teach the bible in various ways. We sometimes go through a book a verse at time, sometimes we look at broad topics (for example: Theology of the Church), and we always seek to apply what we are learning to a biblical worldview.
And of course we have a lot of fun (a lot) with Christ at the center!
Any youth that comes through our ministry will walk away seeing Christ as the center of everything.
The goal of our ministry is to present youth mature in Christ. If they only have fun or only memorize a few verses then we haven't done enough. We want youth to be walking with God now and for the rest of their lives.
We measure maturity as having a love for God and His word, participating in the life of the whole church, and being able to interact with the fallen culture in a redeeming way with a biblical worldview.
Knowing, of course, that none of us ever arrives at total maturity, this drives us back to proclaiming Christ to another.

What We Do

Bible Studies

On Wednesday nights we gather for bible studies. We always start with snacks, a fun game, and then we dig into God's word. Wednesday Night Bible Study combines teaching and an extended time for youth to process together and learn from each other.

Service & Fun

It can't be all serious! We have Friday Night Fun Night and Service Times! These are times for youth to come, bring friends, and be ready to have fun, laugh, and enjoy others.
We also spend time serving the needs of others around Augusta. 

Summer Trips

Every summer the youth load up and head out to summer camp. We partner with RYM and Ridge Haven as they are excellent at pointing youth to the beauty of Christ. 

We'd love to hear from you.
If you have a question please let us know.