Stories of Growth

On this page you will see stories of growth from the people of Lakemont. Since our focus is to make disciples we want you to see how God is growing disciples at Lakemont.
We hope you see that God is at work in various ways and are encouraged in your walk with the Lord.

My Story of Growth
Pastor Bryan

I came to Christ late in high school. I didn't grow up going to church so the first time I remember hearing the gospel, that Jesus was the only way to be right with God forever, I placed my faith and trust in Christ right then and there. God showed me then and has continued to show me that He would always be my friend. God being a friend was important because growing up I was very lonely and had no friends. I have seen God be that faithful friend and Father as I have continued walking with Him.

I really began to grow in my faith when, believe it or not, I started consistently reading the bible and going to church! Church was very foreign to me so it took me awhile to feel comfortable but the one thing that kept me coming back was the preaching of the word. I learned so much from hearing the bible taught and this has fueled my desire to read the bible for myself and also teach it to others.

One important lesson that God keeps teaching me is that I am united to him, as a husband is to a wife. God is loyal to me and therefore I owe him my total and complete devotion. God loved me when I could do nothing for Him and now I want to do everything for him out of gratitude for how He has loved me.

I came to Lakemont questioning many things about being a pastor but the Lord has been so good to bring me here. I'm far from being the perfect pastor but my family and I have been welcomed, loved, respected, and cared for here. I love worshipping, growing, and serving with the people of Lakemont.

3 questions:
Favorite verse in the bible? I have always loved Psalm 34:18 - God is near the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
Favorite place to eat in Augusta? It's Farmhouse all the way!
Dream vacation spot? I don't care where it is as long as it's in the mountains. 

Stay tuned for more stories of growth...