Missions & Service

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Lakemont desires that every person worship God and follow Christ no matter where they are in the world.
We actively serve the Augusta community and also support local, national, and world-wide missionaries.

Missions Spotlight
His Story Continues...

Mission To The World or MTW is the missions arm of our denomination.
Find more encouraging stories about God's work at https://www.mtw.org/videos.

Local Missionaries We Support

We are glad to participate in numerous local missions.
Not only are we able to give but we are also able to participate in many of these.

Food Bank

A number of people from Lakemont participate in a food bank. We previously had one at our old building and look forward to when we can host again.
We see this as a great way for people of all ages in our church to serve the physical and spiritual needs of others.


We are proud to partner with Steve Gindlesperger and his ministry through FCA. Steve has a huge heart and burden to encourage local coaches and students with the gospel.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Care Pregnancy Center

Christ Community Health

Christian Learning Center

Heritage Academy

MOM's In Prayer

Phin & Jan Hitchcock
Fireside Ministries

International Link

Paul & Barbara Volpitto
Reformed Evangelism Fellowship


AGAPE is a ministry to under-privileged children and parents in Augusta. We meet every 4th Saturday to gather children at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. We play games with kids, feed them, and teach them about Jesus. This has been a fruitful ministry from Lakemont and you are welcome to  join with us.

Augusta Young Life

Many in our church have been greatly influenced by Young Life so we are excited to support this ministry to Augusta area teens.

National & International Missionaries We Support

Every missionary we support we enter into a true friendship with.
We want to know their personal needs and invest in their personal well being along with investing in their ministry.
We hope and pray that the missionaries we are blessed to support feel loved and cared for.

Dick & Nancy Bagee

Wayne & Ann Curles
Church Resource Ministries

James & Kyleen DeJong
Adventures In Missions

Rob & Claudia Holmes
World Witness

Steve & Sherry Letchford

Jay & Nancy Matsinger
Mission To The World

Michael & Amy Parks
Mission To The World

Amy & Steve Robertson
Mission To The World

Dal & Beth Stanton
Mission To The World

Peter & Diane Bakelaar
Mission To The World

Rodney & Jana Davila
Mission To The World

Tim & Lana Higginbotham
North American Indigenous Ministries

John & Lynn Lehn
Global Education Ministries

Johnny & Becky Long

Dr. Al Nutt
General Missionary

David & Erin Pervis
Mission To The World

Roger & Dianne Smalling
Mission To The World

Roger and Dianne Smalling are dedicated to bringing the Reformation to Latin America by establishing leadership training centers throughout the region. They are founders of Visión R.E.A.L. (Reforma En America Latina).
To find out more visit http://www.smallings.com

Bruce & Barbara Wannamacher
Mission To The World