The Story of Lakemont

The Story of Lakemont - God's Faithfulness

“The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3)

In 1946, a survey was conducted in the growing suburb of Augusta called Lakemont. This resulted in an awareness of the community’s desire for the establishment of a Presbyterian church. Thus, under the sponsorship of Greene Street Presbyterian Church, Lakemont Presbyterian Chapel was born. The initial meeting was held January 28, 1947. Services were led by Mr. Robert Morrison, who was then attending Columbia Seminary in Decatur, GA. Sunday school/worship was conducted Sundays at 4:00 pm in homes.

As the Lord grew the congregation in numbers, two large lots were purchased by Greene Street Presbyterian Church for $5,500 and a permanent white wooden building was built at 1002 Bluebird Road. God continued to prosper the Chapel and on February 6, 1950, the Chapel petitioned the Augusta-Macon Presbytery to become an organized church. On March 8, 1950, Lakemont was organized as a “particular” church of the Presbyterian Church of the United States and received its’ title and deed to the property on May 7. It was official! A brick educational building was completed in 1951 and services were held there until the sanctuary was built. Membership on that date was 62.

During the 1950-1980s Lakemont continued acquiring additional land and grew in the Lord’s grace, knowledge, and faith in Christ. There were several beloved senior pastors during these years —the reverends Henry Erion, Lowell Sykes, Robert Holmes, and Sam Heslip. Rev. Heslip was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease but Lakemont retained Rev. Heslip as senior pastor until such a time as all retirement benefits could be received. Lakemont was glad to “practiced what we preached.”

In January 1985, after much study and devoted prayer, under the leadership of the elders, Lakemont left the Presbyterian Church USA and became a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

In February 1986, Reverend Jack Jagoditsch was called as Senior Pastor of Lakemont. Under Pastor Jack's pastoral care and leadership Lakemont saw great vitality and growth. So much so that a fire in June 1987, which burned down the sanctuary and fellowship hall could not deter what God was doing at Lakemont. As a sign of the joyful spirit the fire ignited, Lakemont decided not only to rebuild but to expand and on May 22, 1988 there was a dedication of the new and expanded Lakemont Church facilities. With all the growth Lakemont hired its first assistant pastor, Ted Strawbridge in 1989. There was further expansion when in 1991 an adult education building which was completed. Later, in order to continue growth, Lakemont helped launch a new PCA church plant in Evans, now known as Redeemer PCA .

Lakemont PCA continued to be blessed with excellent spiritual leadership from ruling elders and teaching elders and a diaconate with hearts of mercy and service. Pastors Duane Otto, Matt Redmond, Ryan Fisk, and Noah Kiser served faithfully over many years, as did Krystal Lyon who served as Student Ministries staff. Sadly in June 2007 Pastor Jagoditsch was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed away in October 2011 - Pastor Jack had faithfully served the people of Lakemont for 25 years. In July 2012 Reverend Dave Vosseller was called as Senior Pastor and in Aug 2016 Reverend Bryan Villarreal began serving as assistant pastor.

The Lord has been so faithful and good to Lakemont in her first 70 years and we look to the future with great hope for how God will continue to work in and through Lakemont.

When Lakemont began, there was a small golf tournament held across the street from its Bluebird Rd. location called The Masters! As this golf attraction grew, it swallowed up many of the surrounding communities and Lakemont needed to consider moving. It was not an easy decision but in the Spring of 2016, a committee was formed to consider options to refurbish the existing facility or build at a new location and later it came to be seen that the Lord was calling us to grow to a new location. In March of 2018 Lakemont held a Called To Grow initiative in which each member was asked to consider how they could grow in faith, service, and giving so that Lakemont could build at a new location to further making disciples and caring for the community. The Lord abundantly worked in the heart's of many at Lakemont and soon the building was sold and we were ready to build on our new location at Pleasant Home Rd. While the new building is being built Lakemont is meeting at Westminster Schools of Augusta and as God has always done, He continues to show His faithfulness.

Going forward we anticipate what God will do and we pray Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”

Come be a part of our continuing  story.

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9 am and 6 pm.
Meeting at Westminster Schools of Augusta
3067 Wheeler Rd.
Augusta, GA 30909