Church Leadership

An elder has the heart and ability to shepherd the flock.
They are men of high character that care for the spiritual needs of the church.

Our Elders

Jeff Asmann

Clerk and Adminisrtation
Mr. Asmann has been a member of Lakemont for 25+ years, He is married to Beth and they have three children. Jeff is servant and desires to see Lakemont love and serve others well. Jeff loves golf and fixing things.

Dan Burns

Adult Education & Evangelism
Mr. Burns is married to Heather and they have one child. Dan has been a member of Lakemont for 20+ years. Dan loves the word of God and has a heart for everyone to know God's word. On Saturdays you will find Dan cheering on his beloved Crimson Tide!

Jim Denmark

Adult Education & Missions
Dr. Denmark is married to Suzanne and they have three children. The Denmarks have been members of Lakemont for 20+ years. Jim loves to pray for others, teach the word of God, and care for the lost. Jim loves to spend time at the beach with his family or lost in a good C.S. Lewis book.

Don Fisher

Mr. Fisher has been a member of Lakemont for 50+ years. He is married to Barbara and they have two children and three grandchildren. Don loves God's word and loves to teach it to others. Don can encourage your heart with the gospel and build you a new custom house at the same time

Our Deacons

A deacon has the heart and ability to serve the flock.
They are men of high character that care for the physical needs of the church.

Andy Barrett

Andy is married to Vicki and they have three children. Andy has a servants heart and loves to help others.

Scott Carter

Scott is married to Jackie and they have 4 children.  Scott is a humble servant. Just as his voice has blessed us in the choir, his heart and hands bless us as a deacon. 

Eric Garrett

Eric is married to Melinda and they have four kids. Eric loves to help however he can.

Dan Adams

Dan is married to Carrie and have 4 adventurous children.  You can join their adventures on their YouTube channel "Catching Creatures."

Casey Lambert

Vice Chair 
Casey is married to Meredith and they have three children. Casey is always willing to server others.

Matthew Peters

Matthew is married to Jolene and they have five children. Matthew is a hard working servant that is ready to lend a hand.

Greg Lacock

Greg is married to Meghan and they have 2 children  Greg has a the heart of a servant.

Herman Thompson

Herman is married to Carolyn and is a retired principal and master storyteller.

Jerry White

Jerry is married to Kim.  Jerry is always willing to take on a project and just as willing to watch a game with you.

Women's Leadership

Equipping Women for Kingdom Work

Shelley Buffett

Shelley is married to Jonathan and they have three daughters that they homeschool.  

Meredith Lambert

Vice Chair
Meredith is married to Casey and they have 3 children that keep them on the go.

Other Women's Leaders

Communications - Anita Hayman
Treasurer - Wendy Buckner
Prayer - Carol Gaines
Community - Payton Prather
Compassion - Barbara Fisher
Women's Education -
Food Ministry - Chelsea Dent, Laurie Tucker
Church Fellowships - Beth Asmann
Publicity -Bekah Sutton
Missions - Lynne Birchill
Newcomers - Heather Burns
Women's Fellowship - Valeria Hardy
Mercy -Kim White, Jackie Carter
Visitation - Fran Jagoditsch